Baby Skin is a world of difference from Adult

Your baby’s skin sensitivity makes it a lot more different than adult skin. It may look perfect, but it is very delicate and sensitive so it needs extra-special protection and care throughout the first years of life. Compared to adult’s skin, baby’s skin:

  • Is about 20-30% thinner
  • Has a greater tendency for dryness
  • Is more prone to allergies and irritation
  • Absorbs more moisture, but loses it faster

Skin pH is usually acidic and varies between 4-6 in adults which act as a barrier for the skin preventing loss of water from the skin. one month old kid the pH value is 5, after 3 month it is higher close to 7. So child skin is very sensitive. Babies need extra or special care and should use pH balance skin cleanser to keep it healthy and moisturized. In order to take care of extra delicate skin of special baby products are to be used and they are 100 percent soap free to prevent typical skin problems, like baby acne, eczema, dry skin and itchy rashes.

Kilkkari wash and Shampoo have pH 5.5 and is gentle bath and wash tear free, soap free formulation enriched with nourishing Aloe vera which moisturizes baby skin.

And post wash moisturize your baby with Kilkkari Body lotion.

Whether you’re cleansing your baby’s skin or applying moisturizer, you’re doing much more than just helping keep your little munchkin’s largest organ- the epidermis healthy. These everyday rituals become more powerful when multiple senses, like smell and touch are stimulated. Pleasant smells, when partnered with your loving touch, can create lasting memories your little one will remember for a lifetime.It’s also important to create a safe environment for your baby so as to allow free and fun movement of the baby without any fear of damage or wound.


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