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Kilkkari is a brand for baby care products managed by Infans genetrix pvt. Ltd. Company. It is a north based company with a mission to bring wellness to all babies at every home with natural and scientifically researched ingredients in Kilkkari baby care products. All the products are dermatologically and clinically tested. Utmost care is taken for the safety of baby because we believe and understand baby skin need special and extra care.

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Best Products with the fresh smile


Baby products are scientifically formulated to be safe and suitable for infants' delicate skin and specific needs.


Baby products are designed to address common challenges faced by parents and provide solutions for their babies' well-being.

head-to-heel brand

Caring for your baby from head to toe with a complete range of high-quality products.

harnessed from nature's wealth

Gentle and nourishing baby products harnessed from the goodness of nature.

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