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It’s common in newborns. As long as it’s not disturbing baby with itching and irritation, it’s nothing to worry.

Baby should not be exposed to excess cold water. Rub your baby’s hands and legs with your palm. Consult your doctor to rule out if any infection is there.

Newborns also feel hot in summer. Simple Kilkkari bodymassage oil which is hypoallergic and is very cooling.

It’s called cap. It occurs due to infection and dryness. Apply slight Kilkkari body massage oil before bathing. There should not be much oil after bathing. If these rashes are not causing irritation not to worry. If the dry flecks are falling off and can go into the eyes then show your doctor.

It should be paraben free with less fragrance. Kilkkari body lotion is paraben and fregrance free.

If you want to use powder then it should be medicated and apply only around genital area.

Apply a good moisturiser 2-3 times a day (kilkkari body lotion).

Yes. Infants need moisturiser (kilkkari body lotion) in summer too as they dehydrate soon. Keep baby well hydrated.

Some people wipe baby’s face with cloth or baby wipes very often. Overdoing can damage the superficial layer of the skin. Clean only when needed. Apply moisturizer (kilkkari body lotion) each time after cleaning.

It should be alcohol free.


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